picnic packing

Picnic Packing – 7 items to remember on your next trip

(NC) Whether you’re planning a daytrip to the lake or adventuring in the greenspace behind your yard, going for a picnic is always a fun summer tradition. You’ll never forget your favourite snacks and treats, so here’s a helpful list of non-edible must-haves for your basket:

Blanket. If your destination is table-less, make sure to pack a blanket large enough to fit you and your friends. Yoga mats placed under the blanket will keep you more comfortable on uneven terrain. Tip: put the blanket inside a fitted sheet with weighted items in each corner – this will form makeshift walls around your picnic area to keep unwanted critters away.

Mosquito-repellent clothing. The last thing you want getting in the way of a good meal is unwanted pests. Exclusive to Mark’s, WindRiver No Fly Zone clothing repels mosquitos and is available in both men’s and women’s tops, pants, shorts and hats.

Water bottle. Keep hydrated with an insulated water bottle, especially if there’s a hike to reach your destination. Always pack more water than you think you’ll need – especially if you plan to cook and clean with it.

Utensils, plates and napkins. How many times have you had to use your fingers to scoop the last bit of something out of a jar, then proceeded to use your pant leg as a napkin? Baby wipes work great as a quick sanitizer. Your friends (and pants) will thank you.

Portable speaker. Country, rap, blues or rock ’n roll – whatever your preference, be sure to crank the tunes on a portable speaker. Just don’t rely on one that only works with Wi-Fi, as you likely won’t have access to any.

Umbrella. Beat the heat with a large stand-alone umbrella to provide some shade during peak sun hours. Tip: if possible, set up near trees – you’ll get the shade you need and added privacy.

Garbage bags. Be respectful of the area you’re visiting and always be sure to leave the space in the same condition it was when you arrived. Use one bag for garbage and one for recycling.