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Top Tips to Get your Family Flying

(NC) The summer months are the busiest time of year at Canadian airports, with more than 20 million people expected to take off from June through August alone. If you’re travelling with your family in tow, you’ll want to plan ahead.

Here are some tips straight from the experts at the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the organization that performs pre-flight security screening in Canada: 

  • Pack smart: Packing isn’t just about how much you can squeeze into a suitcase before the zipper breaks. It’s also about knowing what goes where. Taking the kids on a hike? Hiking poles go in your checked bag. Bringing a tablet to keep them busy in the air? That can go in your carry-on. You can check out CATSA’s website, which has a searchable “What Can I Bring?” list.
  • Babies on board: There’s a general restriction on liquids in your carry-on – they have to be in 100 milliliter containers, which all have to fit in a 1-litre bag. But that rule doesn’t apply to items for kids under two. That means you can bring larger quantities of things for them like baby food and milk in your carry-on.
  • Getting granular: Certain powders and granular materials are limited to a total quantity of 350 milliliters or less in your carry-on. So, if you’re bringing home red sand from your PEI trip, for example, make sure it’s in a container smaller than a soda can. Otherwise, it has to go in your checked baggage.
  • Life in the fam lane: When you arrive at the checkpoint, check to see if there’s a Family/Special Needs lane open. Available at most checkpoints in the country’s largest airports, these lanes feature screening equipment that can accommodate larger items, like car seats and strollers, and screening officers who can offer extra assistance.
  • Info on the go: CATSA has an app that offers more tips as well as up-to-the-minute wait times at airports across Canada.