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Prep your Home for a Safe Summer

(NC) With pool parties, backyard barbecues and sunbathing, summer is certainly a wonderful time of year. Like all seasons, however, it comes with its own risks. Take the necessary precautions to protect your home and family by adding the following to-do’s to your home-maintenance checklist.

Inspect your air conditioner. With warmer days ahead, your AC will be put to work. Keep it in top shape by changing the filter, which helps improve performance and saves you money. Arrange a professional inspection each year to ensure the unit is fully functioning and ready to go all season long.

Clean the grill. One of the leading causes of grill fires is a failure to keep it properly cleaned. Before your first barbecue, give it a good scrub by removing all grease and fat buildup from the grills, burners and trays below the grill. Also, equip your grilling area with the easy-to-use First Alert Fire Spray, which features a familiar spray-can design that covers a wider surface area and gives you more control than conventional fire extinguishers.

Test playsets and sports equipment. With the kids out of school, the backyard and outdoor toys will be getting a lot more use. Thoroughly check swing sets and playground equipment for broken hardware, splintered wood and rust spots before the kids are let loose. When bringing out bikes, scooters and skates for the season, remove any rust buildup and test the functionality.

Practice water safety. If you have a pool or hot tub, install or make any necessary repairs to a safety fence. Fence gates should open outward, away from the pool area, and be self-closing and self-latching. Check the pool drains and suction covers, and replace or repair them as needed.